AAJ002 How To Know The Difference Between Quitting and Moving-On In Business with Rhonda Surratt

On this show I answer listener questions about life, business and leadership.Specifically… “How do I know if its a good idea to franchise my business or not?”

FEATURED GUEST: Joe interviewed Rhonda Surratt a self-made woman, entrepreneur and owner of Spiffy Pets in Machesney Park, IL. Rhonda is one of my former students who obviously knows how to apply everything she’s learned to live an above average life!

9820 N. 2ND Street #A, Machesney Park, Illinois 61115

Our first “Above Average Joan” Rhonda Sarrat

Rhonda has distinguished herself as our first “Above Average Joan!” She has established not just one but three successful businesses. It’s always interesting to me to learn how what was special to people as children often turns out to be their vocation or at least some variation of working with what was special. Sisters in life and partners in business, both Rhonda and Peggy had a fondness for animals as children and now they have built a thriving pet grooming/daycare business and they are CRUSHING IT!

Rhonda started Spiffy Pets after building a successful Real Estate Investment business that thrived during “the Bubble” and survived after the burst. Wait she didn’t quit there. She’s also built a flourishing Tax business where she regularly provides value to 170+ customers.

READ LIST: Early exposure to Robert Kiasacki’s book “Rich Dad’ Poor Dad” resonated with her and helped to shape her interest in real estate investing and served a valuable resource while building that business.

EDUCATION: Rhonda expressed her belief about the advantages a formal education provides and equally important, is the significance of being a life long learner, someone who helps other people at every turn and teaches the skills she learned in the process. Other people have recognize this trait in her and have bestowed upon her the title ” Rhonda-Pedia“.

PRODUCTIVITY: “Rhonda-Pedia” (I love that term of endearment) shared with us her recommendation for the “Square” app. A cost effective solution for taking credit card payments that interface with your on-line banking program and increasing her productivity. Keeping the plates spinning on three businesses at once requires every productivity hack you can possibly employ.

ACTIONABLE ITEMS: Rhonda reminds us of three things we can work on to raise the average in our life.

  1. never give up on our dreams and don’t fear the unknown because the unknown will be known when you encounter it and deal with it.
  2. Being successful requires going the extra mile so prepare for long hours in your business and make sure you spend time  with your family and the people who love you.
  3. Write down your goals and break them down into smaller more achievable goals that you will lead you to successfully achievement of your larger objectives.

Thank you for listening to the show. Now you can, “Rise Above Average, Stay Above Average and above all BE Above Average”.