Bust Through


Have you ever set out to do something that seemingly, you should be able to do with relative ease then suddenly every force there is appears to be working against you? That is the way it has been for me since I determined to publish this website and begin podcasting.

The operative word here is “determined”. That is the way it work’s when you set out to be different and distinguish yourself from those around you.

Doing what is easy or what everyone else around you is doing is tough. After all if it were easy then everyone would be doing it and that would be the new average.

Since I decided to begin this venture I have had so many difficulties getting even, to this point.

  • First I set up an affiliate account with Amazon to get a commission off of the many purchases I’ve through them (i.e. Podcast equipment etc.). Only to have Amazon cancel my affiliate status because my website did not have enough content.
  • All of the recording equipment I originally ordered was delayed for one reason or the other (one microphone took over 6 weeks to arrive)
  • The supposedly, idiot-proof WordPress template I was using had some kind of conflict and would not allow me to update any posts.
  • Then my day job got in the way as things got busier at work.
  •  A family member got sick and my wife and I made time for that.
  • The studio where I podcast from flooded with the rapid melt of the record 58″ of snow that accumulated


Accomplishing even the simplest things just seemed to require so much more effort that what I expected in the onset. However, we made it! I persisted through all these annoyances to make it all come together. The website the blog and the podcast.


So where is the teachable moment in all this? Well this has been my cross to bear to achieve what I set out to do and you have or will have your own obstacles to overcome in order to be who you want to be; The Above Average You.


What’s different about you is that you will “Bust Though” the wall of problems and not just settle or give up all together.

Here are 5 things you can do to help you overcome mounting problems and provide you the CARGO to Bust Through walls.

  1. Come to terms with the fact that doing something different will attract adversity: Knowing this from the beginning will help to make the unexpected the expected. You may not know what the problems will be but you’re not thrown off the horse when they do arise and you can begin planning for them.
  2. Assess the problem for what it really is: Your mind can play tricks on you when your in the midst of the battle and make you think that the problem is one thing when it is really something totally different. For example, while dealing with the delays above I found myself reacting to the latest problem that arose. Instead of working one problem to resolution I found myself jumping around and often the bigger problem was me and my own lack of discipline and F-O-C-U-S (Follow One Course Until Success – John Lee Dumas).
  3. Remind yourself of why your trying to achieve what you set out to do: When the problems are coming fast and furious it is so easy become defeated. Sometimes I can’t seem to get one problem assessed before another crops up and my attempt to deal with problems can quickly be reduced to just counting them. The way I overcome this is to interrupt my thinking and intentionally envision why I began working on the project or goal in the first place.
  4. Get some help: Getting help is not a declaration of failure. Quite to the contrary, realizing that I need help with one or many tasks is a far better alternative to wrestling an 800 lb. gorilla (problem) that I either lack the skill or expertise to deal with efficiently and effectively. Being a WordPress beginner made me a prime candidate for hiring an expert to assist me with solving the conflicts that prevented me from adding/updating posts. I used a WordPress expert to assist me with resolving this software glitch and while they were at it they cleaned up a couple of other smaller issues. In true “Above Average Joe” fashion WP Pro Web Design added additional value to my site, freeing me to tackle other problems on my list.
  5. Omit comparisons: Comparing yourself to others can be a great tool for motivating yourself to try something new, make a change and up your game. However, after you’ve committed to the change and you’re in the middle of working through the resistance that that brings, comparing your progress to that of someone else can be crippling. At this point, it is OK to stop with the comparisons to other people’s progress. When I’m “Busting Through” the problem I only compare my forward progress to my own plan to deal with it.


This cargo package sent special delivery just for you will enable you to Bust Through walls of adversity you face. Finally, whenever your facing problems remember to take a step back from the battle, relax and smile in the face of adversity. Smiling changes you from the inside and forces you to not take yourself so seriously. Smiling will not only help you to put your problems into perspective, the fact that you don’t let problems take away your spirit will attract other people to you and in some cases they will bring perspective, additional options and answers to your problems. Think about it. If someone is beat down with a problem, in deep concentration with a scowl on their face do you rush up to them and try to intervene?