Ever Feel Like You Just Don’t Fit In?

Ever Feel Like You Just Don't Fit In?

Ever Feel Like You Just Don’t Fit In?          Courtesy: DREIBELBIS  FAIRWEATHER

Did you ever feel like you just don’t fit in; especially at work?

I feel this way from time to time and I’ve been at my current job for years. I can only imagine what it’s like when you’re new to a company. It can be difficult to socialize with co-workers at a company function especially if it is with leaders in your organization. You may think “I feel like they’re Judging me” and guess what… they are. After all they are only human too and if you believe you can completely let your hair down at a social function then show up at work the next day and it is completely erased from the minds of everyone who witnessed you in such rare form then you are being naive.

Bust Through


Have you ever set out to do something that seemingly, you should be able to do with relative ease then suddenly every force there is appears to be working against you? That is the way it has been for me since I determined to publish this website and begin podcasting.

The operative word here is “determined”. That is the way it work’s when you set out to be different and distinguish yourself from those around you.

5 Steps You Can Take To Ensure That You DO NOT FAIL In 2014

This is the year I have decided to move away from what I’ve always done in my life toward what I’ve always wanted to do. Welcome to the first blog of 2014. Those who know me, know that I love helping people get what they want from their lives.  I love helping people succeed. This is also the time of year everyone is talking about resolutions and goal setting. We all begin looking back on our lives to see where we succeeded and where we failed in the last year (or several years).