AAJ004 Cliff Meidl, Olympian Is An Above Average Joe!

pic_olympian-heroCliff Meidl Is An Above Average Joe! He was a 19 year old college student working hard in the construction industry to earn his tuition. He hoped to start his own plumbing business someday. That dream was derailed by 10 years of surgery, recovery and physical therapy after the horrible excavation accident that changed his life forever.

AAJ003 Job Interviews: 6 Steps To Prepare For A Job Interview

Most Job interviews today are situational interviews or behavioral interviews where you are asked questions that demonstrate your behavior in certain situations.
Kind of like a story problem you used to get in Math class.

Questions in a behavioral interview usually start with the phrase like…

AAJ001 Welcome To The Show

Joe welcomes you to The Show, talks about why he is producing this podcast and what he hopes the benefits of listening will be. He also sets the stage for what you can expect going forward on the show and the expected format will be. Now, Raise Your Average and enjoy the show!